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2,5-Dimethoxy-4-methylphenethylamine (also known as 2C-MLE-25, and more commonly as 2C-D) is a synthetic psychedelic of the phenethylamine chemical class that produces short-lived psychedelic effects when administered. Buy 2C-D Online, 2C-D Powder Chemical for sale, 2C-D drug for sale. Its sensory and cognitive effects profile has been described as being the most similar to that of mescaline among members of the 2C-x family, albeit with a significantly shorter duration.

The synthesis of 2C-D was first published in 1970 by a team from the Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences. Initial trials by Alexander Shulgin at sub-threshold doses in humans were carried out in 1964.

Many anecdotal reports suggest that it is calmer, easier to handle, and more comfortable on the body than other closely related psychedelic phenethylamines. While not especially visual or physically euphoric at common doses, it is reported to be very lucid, analytical, and unimpaired in its headspace – a quality it retains even as the dose is increased.

Lower doses of 2C-D (generally 10 mg or less) have been explored for its use as a potential nootropic, albeit with mixed results.

Today, 2C-D is used both recreationally and as an entheogen. It is rarely sold on the streets and almost exclusively distributed as a gray area research chemical by online vendors. Buy 2C-D Online, 2C-D Powder Chemical for sale, 2C-D drug for sale

History and culture of 2C-D – Buy 2C-D research chemicals

The synthesis of 2C-D was first published in 1970 by a team from the Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences, but initial trials by Alexander Shulgin at sub-threshold doses were carried out in 1964. Further investigations at higher doses were carried out by Shulgin and his fellow researchers between 1974 and 1978. The name ‘2C-D’ derives from the chemical’s structure – it is the 2-Carbon analog of DOM.

Shulgin notably referred to 2C-D as a “pharmacological tofu,” meaning it can extend or potentiate the effect of other substances without overly coloring the experience, in a manner similar to how tofu absorbs the flavors of sauces or spices it is cooked with. Buy 2C-D Online, 2C-D Powder Chemical for sale, 2C-D drug for sale. While some use this as evidence that 2C-D is relatively uninteresting as a psychedelic on its own, others strongly disagree with this assessment and hold that 2C-D is an unusually versatile and fully-fledged psychedelic in its own right.

Despite showing promise as a very functional psychostimulant with successful studies investigating the use in psychotherapy in Germany, 2C-D has not found widespread use. This has been argued to be due to the previously limited diversity of substances on the market – a consumer dynamic that has changed significantly with the advent of the internet – allowing broader freedom of choice for explorers of psychedelic phenethylamines.[7] Of these, it tends to be substantially harder to find and notably more expensive by weight.

Chemistry of 2C-D – Buy 2C-D Online

2C-D, or 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylphenethylamine, is a substituted phenethylamine featuring a phenyl ring bound to an amino (NH2) group through an ethyl chain. 2C-D contains methoxy functional groups CH3O- attached to carbons R2 and R5 as well as a methyl group attached to carbon R4 of the phenyl ring.

Buy 2C-D Online, 2C-D Powder Chemical for sale, 2C-D drug for sale. 2C-D belongs to the 2C family of phenethylamines which contain methoxy groups on the 2 and 5 positions of the benzene ring.

The headspace of 2C-D is described by many as being lucid, insightful, and relatively normal in its thought processes even at moderate to high doses. The feeling of unaltered consciousness may be unsatisfying to users who want an intense experience because the headspace is fairly normal, stable, and therefore sometimes uninteresting to those who are new to hallucinogenic experiences.

Disclaimer: The effects listed below cite the Subjective Effect Index (SEI), research literature based on collected anecdotal reports, and the personal experiences of PsychonautWiki contributors. As a result, they should be regarded with a healthy degree of skepticism. It is worth noting that these effects will not necessarily occur in a predictable or reliable manner, although higher doses are more liable to induce a full spectrum of effects. Likewise, adverse effects become much more likely with higher doses and may include addiction, serious injury, or death.

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