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Buy AM 2201 Online is a full agonist for cannabinoid receptors. Affinities are: with a Ki of 1.0 nM at CB1 and 2.6 nM at CB2.The 4-methyl functional analogMAM-2201 probably has similar affinities. AM-2201 has an EC50 of 38 nM for human CB1 receptors, and 58 nM for human CB2receptors. AM-2201 produces bradycardia and hypothermia in rats at doses of 0.3–3 mg/kg, comparable to the potency of JWH-018 in rats, suggesting potent cannabinoid-like activity. Buy AM 2201 Online,Buy AM2201 from our online store and have it discreetly delivered to your preferred address with no hassle.Am 2201 drug for sale, am-2201 for sale, Am2201 for sale, buy am 2201 chemical

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AM-2201 metabolism differs only slightly from that of JWH-018. AM-2201 Ndealkylation produces fluoropentane instead of pentane (or plain alkanesin general). AM-2201 has a reputation in research circles as being the most potent chemical in the cannabinoid class.

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A full agonist for the associated receptors, it is active in doses as small as 500 micrograms, and therefore should be handled with extreme caution to avoid involuntary inhalation.

The fact it has such a broad receptor binding profile has made AM-2201 / Am2201 an extremely popular choice among researchers.

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