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Captagon’s other name is Fenethylline. Looking at the structure of the molecule, one can see that it’s a combination of d-amphetamine and theophylline. It doesn’t appear to be active in its own right, but it’s a prodrug that the liver separates into both of these compounds. When Captagon is taken, it becomes in vivo d-amphetamine and theophylline, and these two new compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream, and can now cross the blood-brain barrier and become centrally active.

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Fenethylline (BAN, USAN) is a codrug of amphetamine and theophylline which behaves as a prodrug to both of the aforementioned drugs. It is also spelled phenethylamine and fenetylline (INN); other names for it are amphetamine ​ethyl​theophylline and amfetyline. The drug was marketed for use as a psychostimulant under the brand names Captagon, Biocapton, and Fitton.

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Fenethylline is a codrug of amphetamine and theophylline which behaves as a prodrug to both of the aforementioned drugs. It is also spelled phenethylline and fenetylline; other names for it are amphetamin oethyl theophylline and amfetyline. Just to let you know you can get the best fenethyline if you  Buy Captagon Pills online from flymedishop.

Advantage Captagon (fenetylline)

It also makes users feel energetic and happy – which is why it has been dubbed “chemical courage”.

and talkativeness appears only a few minutes after ingestion with a maximum of 15 minutes, and they last for 10 to 12 hours.

Thus, under the effect of Fenetylline, users feel energetic and are less vulnerable to pressure and fatigue.

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Captagon was first manufactured in 1961 as an alternative to amphetamine and methamphetamine used at the time to treat narcolepsy, fatigue, and the behavioral disorder “minimal brain dysfunction”. Dexamphetamine was already being used by the military to enable soldiers to stay awake for long periods of time and to “enhance courage and bravado”. Captagon was supposed to be a milder version of these medicines. But by the 1980s the U.S. government declared it a controlled substance with no currently accepted medical use. Manufacturing of the drug ceased in the 1980s.

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